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When a garbage disposal gets clogged, it can immediately begin to negatively affect your plumbing. Piper Plumbing has experience installing, repairing and replacing both residential and commercial garbage disposals. Unlike their name implies, garbage disposals are not suited for everything that occasionally makes it down the sink. Piper Plumbing offers fast, reliable garbage disposal repair, so you can get your kitchen back to normal as soon as possible.

Garbage Disposal Installation

For those looking to upgrade their kitchen, or need their current garbage disposal replaced, Piper Plumbing will work with your time and budget to make the best installation recommendations. Our team uses the highest quality equipment in the industry and will get you a durable, affordable quality garbage disposal. Call Piper Plumbing to learn more about our team and services! 

What Should Not Go Down the Garbage Disposal?

The garbage disposal has a long history of being the kitchen’s misunderstood, abused waste-disposal vessel. This hard-working appliance successfully gobbles up leftovers, eggshells, vegetables, cooked meat and more. But even though the garbage disposal seems like a magic gunk-dispenser, there are plenty of things it should not eat. 

  • Coffee Grinds: Even though they seem small, coffee grinds can form a gunky sludge that will ultimately clog your drain.
  • Grease: As a general rule, grease should never make its way down your sink. Like coffee grinds, it will likely result in an unwanted clog.
  • Bones and Fruit Pits: Bones and fruit pits are too hard for your garbage disposal blades and can cause serious damage.
  • Starchy Foods: Items rich with starch, such as potatoes and beans, can turn into a sticky, sloppy mess.
  • Celery: Just like long vines can tangle around your lawn mower, celery strands can wrap around your garbage disposal blades.
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