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Sewer Camera Inspection Los Angeles

Being a homeowner is all fun and games until the unpleasant aroma of rogue sewage enters your home. The smell of sewage is a strong indicator that there is a serious issue brewing inside Los Angeles property’s sewer lines. A video camera, or “sewer scope” is a non-invasive method to diagnose plumbing issues deep below the surface of your house! At Piper Plumbing, we use the most advanced sewer video camera line technology to safely inspect sewer lines and pipes beneath your home’s foundation. Our fiber-optic video cameras utilize the latest plumbing technology advancements to thoroughly inspect your home plumbing. 

The reality is, you shouldn’t hear unusual noises coming from your sewer drains. The typical flush of water through your main line is about all one should hear. When you start hearing gurgling after flushing water down your sink or toilet there’s typically an issue with your sewer line. 

What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

A sewer video camera line inspection can help diagnose issues such as drain line backups, slow drainage or clogged drains. The high-resolution camera head is connected to a flexible cable that inserts into the main sewer line. The technician views the footage in real time, so he or she can immediately diagnose your plumbing problem. It takes a practiced professional to interpret what they see on the monitor. The team at Piper Plumbing has years of experience using sewer cameras to locate and diagnose potential issues in a home’s plumbing. 
There’s no question when buying a commercial property or residential home a sewer camera inspection is the best way to find out if your pipes are leaking, if there’s a backup, and to get an estimate on what sewer line replacement and repairs will cost so you don’t overpay for your property. 

Inspect Your Plumbing Before Buying a Home

If you are in the market to purchase a property, don’t forget to have the sewer lines inspected by a professional plumbing company. A thorough sewer evaluation can help you avoid expensive repairs in the future!  Our Piper plumbing technicians serving the Los Angeles and greater area will show you real-time the inspection as we walk through and explain what’s going on with your pipes so you literally have a clear high definition picture of any potential problems or upcoming likely sewer line replacement or repairs

Los Angeles Sewer Pipe Inspection Types

  • Municipal, Residential, Commercial Sewer Pipe Insections
  • Storm Sewer and Sanitary Mains
  • Condensate and Lateral Drains
  • Foundation Drains
  • Empty Conduits (Future-Use, Telco, Electrical, etc)
  • Industrial Water Supply and Return Lines

Benefits of Video Sewer Inpsection

Our Piper Plumbing clients in Los Angeles appreciate our video sewer inspections for the following reasons:

  • You reduce the amount of labor, time pipe repairs, and potential emergencies with early detection
  • You’ll know exactly where the sewer pipe location size of break or blockage, and you’ll know the cause before it becomes a real serious issue
  • You won’t waste time and money doing random digs trying to isolate the broken sewer line
  • You’ll be able to plan your cleaning and maintenance
  • You can prevent increased damage from tree roots in the sewer lines.
  • You won’t have to waste your time cleaning up sewer waste on the ground or worse inside your property
  • Understand sewer pipe health with inspection for (holes, breaks, fractions, and leaks)
  • Depth and Position of utility pipes and conduits
  • Visual video proof of cause of sewer line stoppages, backups, and clogs
  • Location of inaccessible, termination points, laterals, and vaults
  • Identify any future problematic sewer line areas
  • Identify sewer and drain line pitch

Sewer Inspections By Los Angeles Plumbing Experts

Your residential drain system is comprised of waste lines allowing water to exit your home and a vent line which helps to equalize the pressure. Piper Plumbers will provides dependable and reliable plumbing services that utilize the most eco-friendly approach to drain cleaning. Piper Plumbing can unclog your bathroom and kitchen sink drains, unclog bathtub and shower drains, clean out your downspout and floor drains and do a full video sewer line inspection. 

With our video sewer line inspections, Piper Plumbing plumbers will come fully equipped with a stocked plumbing truck and can quickly complete a majority of home repairs in the very same day. Our sewer camera inspections also are done when we do both sewer pipe lining, and trenchless sewer pipe bursting

Plumbing Inspection Los Angeles

Piper Plumbing has been providing the Los Angeles and surrounding cities with top plumbing services. Our technology use is what makes us stand out with complete transparency in our work. No more getting hosed by fly by night operations. We are fully licensed, bonded, and ready with experienced Los Angeles plumbers to inspect your home plumbing. 

Sewer Drain Inspection Los Angeles

For the most common drain line issues, drain and sewer line snakes can be used.  Our state of the art drain inspection cameras and real-time video will isolate your drain lines that aren’t functioning correctly. We’ll be able to identify why your drain lines aren’t functioning such as substandard materials, poor installation, cracks, restricted flow in the drains, deterioration and drain clog build up in the sewage pipes.  

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