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Whether you have a clogged toilet, a crack or a leak, our expert toilet repair team is trusted throughout the Los Angeles area to repair and maintain bathroom facilities. If you are experiencing complications with a temperamental toilet that has a tendency to leak, clog, or has a weak flush, Piper Plumbing will quickly and accurately diagnose the issue. Our expert plumbing technicians will get your bathroom back to normal by either repairing or replacing your problem toilet.

Why is My Toilet Leaking?

If your toilet is leaking, chances are high that there may be one little part that requires replacing (such as flapper or fill valves). Before you start panicking and ordering a new toilet, call Piper Plumbing to evaluate your bathroom! We will help you identify the source of the leak and give you a quick and accurate project estimate. 

Commercial Toilet Plumbing Repairs, Installations and Replacements

“Do you have a bathroom I can use?” Almost every business owner has heard this question and should be proud to respond with an emphatic “Yes!” Your plumbing represents how well you maintain your business and sets a standard for the environment you uphold for your employees and customers. Piper Plumbing provides toilet repair and replacement services to keep your bathrooms running smoothly and efficiently.
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