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There is nothing worse than looking forward to taking a relaxing shower and feeling a weak water stream or standing in a tepid pool of slowly-draining water. That’s where your friendly neighborhood plumbers can help. Piper Plumbing offers shower plumbing services such as shower repair, unclogging shower drains, shower leak repair, shower replacement and shower installation! Your shower is an important part of your plumbing and deserves just as much attention as your other bathroom fixtures. 

Piper Plumbing Bathroom Remodel Services

If you’re thinking about installing a new shower, you might be considering giving your whole bathroom a new look. Piper Plumbing offers services that cover your entire bathroom remodel including:

Close to a Lake or Beach? Install an Outdoor Shower!

For those who are near a body of water, or own a swimming pool or hot tub, and outdoor shower is the ideal solution for a quick rinse-off. Piper Plumbing will help you identify the right location to install that outdoor shower you always wanted. Call Piper Plumbing today to set up your free estimate! 818-760-4573
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