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Don’t let laundry mountain take over your hamper! The most common symptoms of a misbehaving washing machine include standing water and leaks. If your washing machine is giving you trouble, a plumber will be able to evaluate the symptoms and give you the fastest, most affordable solution. Piper Plumbing offers laundry drain cleaning, repair and installation services to get your household back on track. 

Why is My Washing Machine Leaking?

If you notice puddles of water around your washing machine, your washing machine hose may have a leak. This can be caused by the seal or washer getting old or damaged and allowing water to pass through. If you start to see water around your washing machine, call a plumber immediately to avoid water damage on your floors! Piper Plumbing will help you replace your damaged parts and get your washing machine back to tip-top condition! 

Tips to Prevent Washing Machine Drain Line Clogs

Like many home appliances, the washing machine sees a lot of material with which it cannot coexist, such as hair, debris, grease and other varieties of sticky scum. A washing machine strainer can help you avoid dealing with these potentially problematic materials in your drain line or pipes! 

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