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Los Angeles Trenchless Pipe Lining Service

If your Los Angeles or surrounding residence has a damaged sewer line that’s backed up or leaking we have sewer repair and replacement services that don’t require a full invasive sewer line replacement. Our Piper Plumbing sewer technicians can perform trenchless pipe lining sparing you the need to have your property dug up for a traditional trench to expose lines. No more digging up driveways, tearing apart decks, or lawns. With a minor entrance dig at the foundation line and property line we leave you a sewer line replacement without the mess. Want to discuss this with one of our experienced plumbing technicians at Piper Plumbing? Call us direct at 818-760-4573

What is Trenchless Pipe Lining?

Trenchless pipe lining start with a sewer camera inspection to confirm any pipe issues such as cracks etc. Once we have verified where issues are we place a tube inside that is saturated with epoxy that will cure against the inner walls of the pipe by using a Bluelight LED technology sealing and potentially adding decades to your pipe’s lifetime. 

Bluelight LED Sewer Lining

At Piper Plumbing we use Blue LED sewer lining which involves a preliminary sewer video camera inspection to verify compromised pipe or cracks. Once we’ve verified any issues in the sewer inspection a tube is inserted into the sewer pipe that’s saturated with epoxy that cures against the walls using the Bluelight LED to seal the pipe lining in place. Our Piper Plumbing licensed sewer technicians cure the lining of pipes with enhanced accuracy and speed which is about 5 times faster than traditional plumbing. 

Benefits of Sewer Pipe Relining for Replacement and Repair

  • You avoid damage to utilities such as sprinkler, gas, and electric lines
  • No need for ugly trenches tearing up your beautiful landscaping
  • Replace or repair damaged pipes without having to repave your driveway
  • Blocks root intrusion, eliminates most pipe corrosion, cracks, and leak issues
  • Enhanced pipe flow means less obstructions and clogs
  • Save overall on the cost of sewer replacement and repairs
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