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Water Leak Repair Services in Los Angeles

Water leaks can be a seriously destructive force on homes and chances are what you see on the surface of drywall is the start of something far worse. It’s best to look into our plumbing leak repair services immediately to avoid further damage. Common issues such as leaking water heaters, faucets, toilet and drain seals can wreak absolute havoc while homeowners are away. 

Water Leak and Pipe Inspection Los Angeles

If you are looking at a new home or are just wanting to do some preventative maintenance on your own home we can run our pipe inspection tools through to find any compromised pipes or cracks. More often than not when sewer lines are invaded by roots seeking moisture coming from pipe leaks. As your trusted rooter we utilize non-invasive methods such as hydro-jetting to eliminate debris and roots from your lines. We can then use methods such as trenchless pipe bursting, or pipe lining without any invasive digging all the while saving you money.

Pipe Leak Repair Los Angeles

If you’ve got a pipe leak such as water leaking through the walls or ceilings you’re going to want to immediately turn off the main water shut off valve and call Piper Plumbing for a certified, licensed, bonded, and an experienced plumbing technician to come to your home to repair your leak before it becomes a real problem. Invasive mold etc can be extremely toxic and the water damage permeating through walls can absolutely destroy a home. Our leak detection tools allow you to have the confidence to know the condition of your home’s pipes and allow us to find and repair pipe leaks quickly. 

Basement Leak Repair

A basement leak can meak significant damage to valuables and especially your home. What you see on the surface is often the least of it. As soon as you get water leaking inside the walls it starts to form mold from as little as a couple inches of water. Basement leak repairs are done with our plumbing detection tools to isolate, stop, and prevent further water leaks. These issues are extremely time sensitive so please turn off your main water valve and give us a call immediately at 818-760-4573

Kitchen Leak Repair

Something as simple as an improperly installed ice machine hose to the fridge or an old line not replaced to the dishwasher can cause considerable damage to flooring and below in no time. We’ve seen countless thousands of dollars in damages to homes when they hired unlicensed plumbers to install appliances in their homes. Kitchen floor and cabinet replacements from a leaking faucet or kitchen appliance can absolutely cost a fortune. At Piper Plumbing we don’t cheap out on hardware as licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers we stand behind our work. Our plumbers are ready to handle any of your kitchen plumbing leak repairs from isolating the source of the leak to repairing the water leak. We will fix any leaking pipes in your home’s kitchen and stop it to prevent any further damage. 

Bathroom Leak Repair

Your home’s full of plumbing and the bathroom ranks second for the most plumbing. Piper Plumbing can fix leaky bathroom showers, leaking sinks, and tubs. Have a toilet that’s got a leaking hose behind or even a seal that’s gone? No problem, we’ve got you covered. It’s important you don’t hesitate to contact us before it becomes a real problem. We’ve got financing partners to help you get the problem fixed fast. 

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