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Los Angeles Sewer Camera Inspections

Piper Plumbing places a very high standard on our certified plumbers and we verify our work with sewer video camera inspections using fibre-optic feeds through sewer lines. This ensures both the plumbing technician and the owner that the job’s been done right the first time. No more wasting your time with fly by night operations making up stories about problems that don’t exist throwing out ridiculous quotes. We can show and recommend all fixes right there on the spot. If you happened to find us by the Google Guaranteed program then you also know we’re insured by them as well as our insurance provider and fully verified by Google. 

Bewer of Scam Artist Plumbers in Los Angeles

Beware of guys that come with pictures from other plumbing jobs showing roots in the lines. We’ve heard of way too many horror stories where a sewer cleaning job that should have been no more than a couple hundred dollars that turned into a $6000+ jobs. You’d be surprised by the companies they come from trying to meet their bosses quotas. Our camera feed shows high resolution and clear video so you can literally see any issues with no concerns about misleading practices. We’ll give you options that work with your budget and needs. Our sewer line replacement service comes with our licensed sewer replacement professionals ready to help you get most residential jobs done same day with a fully stocked truck. 

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Sewer Inspection Preparations

The price of sewer inspections vary and definitely so does the quality as seen above in an example where plumbers even from franchise companies have been known to take images from other jobs saying it’s your sewer line to turn a little cleaning job into a sewer line replacement scenario when it wasn’t warranted. If you’re for any reason suspicious that you’re being taken advantage please don’t hesitate to contact us to do a sewer inspection and a second opinion. 

Expect the sewer line inspection to take roughly an hour assuming the pipe location is accessible and there’s nothing overly challenging. Please make sure your pets are restrained because while we love pets we want to keep our focus on your home’s sewer line inspection. Locate the cleanouts in your home which is usually as the sewer pipe leaves the foundation. There should also be a cleanout on the primary main stack which is your home’s pipe that comes down from the floor. If you can’t find this don’t worry we’ve got lots of experience with this. 


When the Sewer Technician Arrives

When our Piper plumber arrives a general survey of the home’s plumbing will be necessary with a typical walk-through including outside the home if necessary. This will help us isolate the best area to reach your sewer line. Different plumbing access points may be utilized until we determine the best idea of your home’s plumbing. It may just require accessing a different point to get a better picture of any plumbing issues including obstructions from another perspective. We do this when there’s damage or a blockage in the pipes obstructing the camera’s path. 


What Sewer Line Inspections Search For

At Piper Plumbing our experienced plumbers stand behind our sewer line work and that starts with isolating the problem first. Here’s some of the things sewer inspections look for that can prevent from really costly issues later:

  • Damaged Pipe
  • Pipe Misalignments
  • Pipe Separations
  • Pipe Clogs and Buildup
  • Bellied Lines
  • Pipe Deterioration
Here is some more information on guidelines from the CCTV Inspection guidelines.


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