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When it comes to installing water heaters and replacing water heaters Piper Plumbing has all the experience you need. With quite a few options to choose from when replacing your hot water heater Piper gives you the exact options to make informed decisions based on your home’s unique needs. You can be confident in our water heater installs as both efficient and reliable. We stand behind our work, products, and offer warranties on our hot water heater installs.

Whether you’re looking to replace or have a new water heater installed call us at 818-760-4573 and we’ll give you a quote.

Hot Water Heater Installation Los Angeles

If you’re looking for an electric water heater, or gas water heater, Piper Plumbing stands behind all work. We make sure it’s a hassle free experience for you by removing your old water heater, and disposing of it for you. We’ll then install your new water heater, include any required permitting, and parts as part of your total replacement. There are no surprises or fancy hidden fees with Piper Plumbing. We operate with full transparency so you know exactly what you’re getting upfront in our quote. Some things to consider in a new water heater include:

  • Electric vs Gas: we offer both and depending on where you are there’s different benefits to having each
  • High Efficiency: Having an inefficient water heater is literally taking money and setting it on fire. We offer standard efficiency, high efficiency, and tankless water heaters.  Our high efficiency water heaters are Energy Star rated lining you up for potential tax credits and rebates. Regardless of what you decide a modern water heater is going to be a much more efficient system than your current one. 
  • Gallon Size (Volume): We install 40, 50, 75, and 100 gallon water heaters depending on what your needs are. Understanding is a big part of our process at Piper Plumbing and we want to make sure you’re taken care of.

Energy Efficient Water Heater vs Standard Water Heater

The primary differences and benefits of energy efficient and standard water heaters include:

  • Tanked Water Heater: Your typical water heaters are not nearly as efficient as tankless water heaters. The tankless setup involves outdoor and indoor configuration while the energy-efficient water heater comes with a more expensive install than a standard water heater.
  • Short Life Cycle: your typical hot water heater lasts around a decade while the alternates significantly longer with on-demand water heaters lasting upwards of 20 years.
  • Efficiency: The typical tankless hot water heater saves upwards of $100 a year in utilities. 
  • Tank capacity: Tanks vary from 40 gallons to 90 gallons typically. 

Los Angeles Water Heater Replacement

If you’re in Los Angeles or surrounding cities and want to replace your hot water tank Piper Plumbing has the experience to give you the perfect hot water heater solution based on your unique needs. In a world where we want to reduce our carbon footprint Piper Plumbing is committed to using environmentally friendly products and water heaters while saving you money. To discuss more about your Los Angeles water heater installation and replacement call Piper Plumbing at 818-760-4573

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